A01 A Class Carbon Mast complete145mm x 60mm

F18 - F20 Carbon Mast section 160mm x 74mm

A10 Top Hook for A Cat section

A11 Sail Ring Shackle

A12A Tee Hounds with choice of 2 Hole or 4 Hole Backplates

(Specify when ordering)

A12B Tee Hounds only

A13 Spreaders with Finger screw adjusters - 390mm

A14 Spreader Attachments

H.D.Exit Pulley -Cunningham

A15 A Cat Diamond wires

A16 Gooseneck 

A17 - Boom Connector

A20D A Cat Mast Base with Rotation 'Ears'. Rotation to Trampoline system (add A29)

A20E A Cat Mast Base with Rotation 'Ears". Rotation to Boom System (add A27)

A21 Female Pivot Cup 10mm

A22 Male Pivot Pin 10mm

A23 Mast Hinge system - Mast part

A24 Mast Hinge system - Beam part

A25A Mast Hinge system + Pin & P Clip

A27 Rotation Arm - to Boom style

A29 Single Rotation Arm - to Trampoline style

A36 Cunningham Swivel Plate + Eye

A42A Trapezes in Dyneema - complete

Please Note: line colour may vary depending on stock !

A51 A Cat Carbon Boom with Clear Gloss marine finish complete. Strong 38mm Tube will suit either rear or centre sheeting

TE250016 Carbon Tiller Extension 2500mm x 16mm with Uni Joiner,Clear Finish and Foam Grip

TE270020 Carbon Tiller Extension 2700m x 20mm with Uni Joiner ,Clear Finish and Foam Grip

A62S Batten Adjusters suit 15mm Fiberfoam. Set of 6 plus Key

Fiberfoam Produkt-Broschuere.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.4 MB

2014 A Class Worlds - Takapuna New Zealand


Excellent range of conditions from light,medium and strong winds and quite flat water. The wind was challenging with shifts of up to 20° at times and areas of more or less wind strength.

Really it was a case of two fleets - the 'Foilers' and the rest.

The Foilers were using J type centreboards , the rest normal C type curved boards.

From the top 10 , Foilers finished 1,2,3,5,6

A breakdown on gear used was:

1st , 2nd , 3rd ,5th DNA / J Foils / Ashby sail / Fiberfoam #14 Mast

4th Exploder / C Foils / Landenberger / Fiberfoam #14

7th , 8th Exploder / C Foils / Ashby / Fiberfoam #14

9th DNA / C Foils / Brewin / Fiberfoam #14

10th Nikita / C Foils / Brewin / Fiberfoam #14


Results 1 Glenn Ashby (AUS),2 Blair Tuke (NZ) , 3 Peter Burling (NZ) , 4 Andrew Landenberger (AUS) , 5 Ray Davies (NZ) , 6 Nathan Outteridge (AUS) , 7 Scott Anderson (AUS) , 8 Brad Collett (AUS) , 9 Adam Beattie (AUS) , 10 Steve Brewin (AUS)